May 08

April Showers Bring Sesame Flowers

Greetings from the Sesame Place Horticulture Department, you can think of us as Elmo’s Gardening Green Thumbs! We are working very hard to get ready for Opening Day on Saturday, April 28th. We are busy planting over 15,000 colorful annuals and perennials in flowerbeds throughout the Park. We also have nearly 200 hanging baskets and 100 planter pots to add even more color!

Apr 29

Getting Ready for Opening Day!

by Staff

With just days until Opening Day, Sesame Place is buzzing with preparation activity. The park’s staff has been working hard to get everything from flowers to fryers in full swing, so there’s a lot to be excited about. Just look at all of those flowers!

Flowers ready for planting at Sesame Place

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