Sep 10

Operation: Guard Challenge

On August 13th, the aquatics department at Sesame Place held its second annual lifeguard competition. Members of the leadership team coached individual teams of lifeguards to master skills such as backboarding, chest compressions, and a variety of water rescues. Each team committed to 4 weeks of intensive training to prepare for the competition. The competition consisted of 3 timed events. The teams were given points based on how quickly they could perform each skill and work together as a team.

Apr 19

Getting Reading for Season

Health Services Manager, Amy Dailey RN provides Health and Safety Training customized for the Entertainment, Operations, and Culinary Department team members in preparation for the upcoming season. Some of the topics discussed during the training included heat illness awareness and prevention, sprain and strain prevention, stretching and ergonomics, asthma awareness, healthy eating, and general safety tips specific to each department.

Jun 25

Summer Safety: Preventing Bug Bites

As the weather warms up and we begin to spend more time outdoors it is very important to protect ourselves against mosquito, tick, and flea bites as they have the potential to make us sick. How can you protect you and your family against these biting bugs you might ask... by using appropriate insect and tick repellant (preferably containing at least 20% DEET) and applying as directed.

Oct 27

Our Fall Blood Drive

On Sunday, October 16, Sesame Place hosted our annual fall blood drive. The blood drives, which are held in the summer and fall, are open to general public. In an effort to help the American Red Cross increase their blood supply, we offer complimentary Sesame Place tickets to everyone who donates. This drive we collected 136 productive pints, making it our second busiest blood drive since we started them back in 1992. Over the years our blood drives have collected 1,630 pints, with over 400 people donating for the first time.

May 14

Sesame Place and The National Drowning Prevention Alliance Join Forces to Educate Parents

by Staff

This weekend, Sesame Place and The National Drowning Prevention Alliance will join forces to educate parents about how to prevent drowning accidents. Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of four.

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