Mar 13

Day for Children with Autism at Sesame Place

by Staff

On Friday, April 22, Sesame Place will host an exclusive day at the park for children diagnosed with Autism and their families. Through the park’s partnership with Variety – The Children’s Charity of Greater Philadelphia, Sesame Place will offer children with Autism, their parents and siblings a free, fun-filled day at Sesame Place. At this event, children are encouraged to enjoy the park’s whirling rides, water slides, colorful shows and furry friends.

Little girl and ZoeTo insure that families have a fun day while keeping in mind the particular needs of children with autism spectrum diagnoses, Sesame Place works closely with Variety to make some special accommodations for the children’s sensory and dietary needs. Resources tables will be available throughout the park’s front plaza providing activities that children with Autism especially enjoy, including gluten and cassin-free play dough. We will also be making adjustments to some of the park’s shows to make them low-sensory. If any of the guests do become over stimulated, Sesame Place has designated our Dine with Me! Facility as a “Quiet Area,” where over stimulated children can go with their families to calm themselves. The park will also sell special gluten and cassin-free snack items at designated carts for families with dietary restrictions.

Enjoying Sesame Place's Water RidesSesame Place and Variety hope that these accommodations will make this a day a great one for the park’s special guests. There are no admission or registration fees for this event; however, parking will be $25 per vehicle with proceeds benefitting Varity the Children's Charity. Advance registration is required for this event and can be made here: