Jul 22

Meet Greg Hartley

by Staff

Hi everyone. Greg here!

In March of 1980 while driving to college I noticed construction going on near the local mall and decided to see if they were hiring. That one decision changed my life. I got the job and started working at this little theme park called Sesame Place. I spent my first 19 years in the Operations Department and then moved to the Human Resources department where I am currently the Director. Don’t worry I won’t be blogging about HR laws, but I will, at times, talk about our team members. Mostly, I will be taking you down Memory Lane, or in our case Memory Street.

As one of the original opening team members, I had the opportunity to be there for the birth of this new concept in children’s interactive play. There wasn’t anything else like it and we felt like first time parents. Like many of you, we all learned as we went along. After years of nurturing, Sesame Place has matured into the fantastic theme park it is today. Like any ‘proud parent’ I want to share with you photos, videos and stories of Sesame Place throughout the years.

Many times people ask me “what ever happened to (insert your favorite attraction name)?” If there is a ride, attraction, show, food or merchandise item you remember from past visits to the park and had questions about them, just post them here and I will be happy to blog about it!

Greg Hartley in 1980 and today!