Jul 26

Meet Kirk Kelly- Security Corporal

by Staff

I am Kirk Kelly and I work in the Security Department as a Security Corporal here at Sesame Place. This past February marked my 10th season at Sesame Place. I started in Food Factory (now Elmo’s Eatery) and was a supervisor at Cone Corner. In 2005, I joined the Security team. On Christmas Day 2006, I was given a promotion to year-round Part Time Officer (great Christmas present, huh?) and I have held that position since. I am a department trainer for the Security Department and a certified American Red Cross Instructor in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid for the Workplace. Sesame Place is my second home, and a FUN and GREAT place to work.

When I am not working, I pursue my passion for acting. I have acted in some of the following movies: Abduction (which comes out in Sept 2011, starting Taylor Lautner and Lilly Collins) The Last Airbender (Water Nation Warrior), The Discoverers, The Transformers Series, The Happening, Shooter, OutLaw (the NBC Drama series that was canceled last year)and many more. You can check out the rest of the films here. I am a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences also known as the “Grammy Award People.” Yes, I have attended the Grammy Awards! I have also attend the 2010 People Choice Awards, 2010 MTV Movie Awards, and this coming August I will attend the 2011 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Ca (I will share some photos). In addition to acting for films and TV, music is a major part in my life; if not recording music I am learning new instruments, including a 12 string guitar. My passion for music has led me to do production work for musicians and bands such as Keith Urban and Taylor Swift to name a few.

Another passion I have is for the weather! I have a weather blog that I write about the weather mainly in the winter and summer months. I will even share some of my weather knowledge with you here.

My “additional” free time is filled with following the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles, going to the beach, traveling, attending movies and being with friends and family.

I look forward for having you read my blogs throughout the year, and telling you about my experiences at Sesame Place. Some of the blogs you will see from me in the coming weeks are: what to do if you lost an item at the park and weather related outlook blogs. I look forward to reading your comments, and make sure you see Abduction when it hits theaters on Sept. 23.

Hope to see you at Sesame Place next time you are here.

Kirk Kelly