Jul 04

Meet Michael Joyce--The Best Job in the World

by Staff

Hello! My name is Michael Joyce, and I’m Director of Entertainment / Creative Services at Sesame Place. My blogs will focus on everything having to do with CREATING Entertainment! I have to tell you—I have the coolest, neatest job on Earth.

Ok, I know I’m biased, but after a few blogs, I’m sure you’ll agree. :-)

Here is some of my background that I want to share with you. I’m an actor, by trade. In fact, for a number of years, that’s all I did. I travelled hundreds of thousands of miles, performing tens of thousands of shows, for MILLIONS of people—literally! Sesame Place is the eighth theme park I’ve worked at, and I have to say: it’s—by far—my favorite! (Not because my boss is reading this—it really is!) Most of my performing days were focused on comedy—I’ve performed mime at Sea World and Disneyland, clowning in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and I’ve also done stand-up, voice-overs and theatre. I can juggle—my uncle was a founder of the International Jugglers Association back in 1947. I can balance almost anything, even my checkbook. I do a great Jerry Lewis impersonation. Not to mention I do a REALLY MEAN YO-YO, which along with my Jerry Lewis impersonation took me to Japan three times.

This year marks my 25th anniversary with the company, and my 17th at Sesame Place. My job here is to:

1) Help write, produce and direct shows

2) Write some of the shows for our other parks

3) Help create a lot of really fun things (like the Halloween mazes)

4) Create a lot of the graphics you see in the park (on signs, for example)

5) Create and edit park multimedia

6) Direct the Theatrical Services area

7) Record most of the voice-overs you hear when you visit Sesame Place. (Yep—that voice.)

So, I hope you come back and continue to read my posts, and, if you’re at the park, please say ‘hi’. But, most of all…

“…Enjoy the rest of your day…at Sesame Place!”

Michael Joyce on top of the world!