Mar 15

What makes you Fuzzy and Warm in the winter?

If I had to guess, I would say that Cookie Monster likes to stay warm by the fire with some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk on a cold winter night. I think of this because spring begins Tuesday, March 20th, that means we only have about a week of winter left! This winter season has really gone by fast, and for some, like us here at Sesame Place, it has been a pretty pleasant and warm winter. Hopefully I didn’t jinx us! We have had some flurries and little snowy weather, we did have about 8 inches fall in October, but that was before winter had officially begun. As we come into the spring season I think about the things that kept me warm during this winter season, and made me feel fuzzy and warm all over:

• Hot Chocolate – Nothing keeps you from turning blue like cookie monster than a nice cup of hot coco, as Elmo said in our “Elmo’s Christmas Wish” show.

• My Oscar the Grouch Snuggie – Yes, I may be 22 but having an Oscar the Grouch Snuggie really makes me feel like a kid again with my favorite Sesame Character.

• Staying bundled up when I go outside to walk my dog. We both put on our hats and gloves and gloves and then go play in the snow


Speaking of my dog, I actually have two pets. One is my cat Mystic who loves to cuddle up next to the warm fire place to keep warm and my other pet is a Siberian Husky named Bandit. As you can see from the images I posted he loves the snow. He loves to play in the snow, help build a snowpuppy just like him and of course, eat the snow.

When the winter comes to an end it will be a little sad, but spring is right around the corner which brings flowers, sunshine, warmth, and the opening of Sesame Place on April 28th! I know I certainly cannot wait for spring, but what about you? What is your favorite season of the year and why? Comment below or post to our Facebook or Twitter!